Industrial design is the fusion of art, business, and science. Industrial designers create the products we buy and use (shoes, cell phones, water bottles, wheelchairs, toys). From personal care items to manufacturing machinery, industrial designers help guide every stage of product development. In fields as diverse as medicine and apparel, industrial designers impact sales and drive consumer trends. Working as part of a product development team that often includes engineers and marketing specialists, industrial designers determine the look, feel, and usability of a product destined to be massed produced for consumer purchase. Industrial designers are experts at assessing the human factors that go into developing products. They understand how visual presentation, physical design, and ergonomic characteristics can influence a product’s marketability and success [Source: About; MS Kauffman].


Winter Heating Bills Hit All-Time High. Why are your parent’s gas bills so high? It’s cold outside but summer is coming, the economy is low and bills are higher than ever because of two factors – “the high price of natural gas and colder winter” and “the scorching Chicago summers” with the use of ACs which drive up electric bills and deplete the ozone. To help conserve natural gas, lower your parent’s bills, and save the ozone; PEOPLES ENERGY wants you to design a device to help save money in this area.

Industrial Design

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