As the name implies, multi-media is the integration of multiple forms of media. This includes text, graphics, audio, video, and more. For example, a presentation involving audio and video clips would be considered a “multi-media presentation.” Educational software that involves animations, sound, and text is called “multimedia software.” Interactive media designers create digital graphics, illustration, and animation for presentation programs, consumer CD-ROMs, online services, DVD’s, touch-screen kiosks, and video games. These designers work for a wide range of industries including entertainment, marketing, education, commerce, and training. [Source: Graphic Artist Guild] Students will develop a multi-media campaign about a natural environmental issue and will create a visual campaign/poster, video, and or webpage that will act as individual components to demonstrate the overall “natural” message.


Celebrities use their fame and artistic talent to bring awareness to issues that matter to them daily. For example, Kanye West used his artistic abilities, in his song “Diamonds are Forever” to raise awareness about the diamond mines in Sierra Leonne. Think of yourself as an acclaimed artist that will use your own voice to create a public service announcement (PSA) about the dangers to the environment (i.e. your neighborhood) and what you can do to help solve the problem.

Think of things we constantly discard or throw away. What effects do they have on the environment?

This is your chance to create and change the thought process of the way the world currently thinks about conservation and how it can drastically affect the life of future generations.


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