Who We Are


In 2000, a group of concerned Black designers in Chicago came together to form Project Osmosis. Our mission was to create a legacy for the next generation of designers of color and to provide a safe space for them to develop.

Now, for more than 20 years, Project Osmosis—a 501c3 nonprofit—has helped over 10,000 youth in Chicago who were lacking resources explore careers in design.

The World Is Designed By Design.

Osmosis Uses Design As A Tool For Change!

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided programs, resources, and opportunities to our “Osmosites.” We’ve partnered with more than 50 organizations to open our youth’s minds to the opportunities available to them in the design industry; whether that’s graphic, fashion, industrial, architectural, animation or digital design.

We’re teaching our youth that THEIR DREAMS MATTER.



In 2021 Osmosis Design Explorers Young Men Of Color Will Brand Themselves. Instead Of Being Branded By Others!


Experience the power of a design education initiative.

Chicago’s best design educators and leaders conduct impactful breakout sessions to share the craft’s wisdom.


Design Youth Forum

Project Osmosis design instructors let you explore every facet of design: graphic design, interior design, multimedia design, fashion design, industrial design, architecture, urban design, and much more.


We all have the human right to be Creative

Project Osmosis is Chicago’s premiere design education initiative dedicated to ensuring “design inclusion” in all realms of design.

Experience the power of a design education initiative.

Osmosis Vision + Mission

Transform the life of a youth and help them realize their creative potential.

Create a Legacy for the next generation of designers of color.


The vision of Project Osmosis is to become the leading design education initiative dedicated to ensuring inclusion throughout the design industry.



The mission of Project Osmosis is to create programs and initiatives that identify, develop, and support young people from minority communities with demonstrated abilities and skills in the applied arts. Through these efforts, our intention is to increase the influence and presence of art/design professionals from minority communities while expanding the reach of artistic expression for all people. Our ultimate goal is to develop an interdependent exchange of artist/cultural expression that includes and values the contributions of artist from all communities, regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic status. For art/design, in its highest and purest form, must be without barriers, borders or boundaries.

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